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Submitted Questions:

Fan: Amber

Question: Hi Frank! So glad to see you back on the internet!! What was it like working for Mike Young on SuperTed, The Little Engine That Could and other Welsh productions. I'm half-Welsh so I'd thought I'd ask !! much love, Amber from the Welsh border!

From Frank: 

Hey Amber!!!  Nice to get your note.  I will tell you Mike Young was a hoot…he had a wonderful laugh and a great smile and I was eager to make both of them erupt.   He was easy going and a good director and let the actors lead with ideas and reads.  I did a lot of work for him on, “The Little Engine That Could” and that remains a very memorable project and close to the ole heart.  I was disappointed that as he became busier and busier in the USA, I didn’t hear from him and didn’t’ have an opportunity to work on a lot of his projects.  Oh, his wife was also very active in the productions and I think they were a strong unit and complimentary towards the projects.  I miss them.


I Play golf with a wonderful  friend and her husband (he beats me and never gives me enough strokes) she is Welsh and he is English.  Talk about great accents!!!  She has been trying to teach me a crazy Welsh saying in full dialect it’s something about going on pathway to town and church.  I absolutely love it such an incredible sound but I can’t get it at all so difficult.  If I ever learn it I will post it on the site!  Stay well and safe Amber!!!



Fan: Amber

Question: Another question (couldn't resist, I'm too excited for this!!) What was it like to work with Mary Kay Bergman? (on the Scooby Doo films) Kind regards, Amber

From Frank: 

Hello again Amber!

Unfortunately, I did not get to work with Mary Kay all that much but I do remember her being very soft spoken…but then when she did her characters there was no mistake that she was on stage and the light was hers.  She had quite a range which always impresses me.  She was a hard worker and liked to get her performances just right.  I think she would have gone on to surprise everyone with her very large talent.  A nice young lady gone from us way too soon.  


Best to you Amber…





Fan: Joel

Question: My son wants to get into voice acting but the only schools I seem to find are in NYC or LA. Any advice on what he should do? I think he doesn't want to be a stage (in person) actor as he's shy, though I would maybe try to get him into lessons to maybe break him out of that shell. Thanks for all the joy you've given my children!


From Frank: 

Hi Joel,

I know it seems a bit over whelming and there probably is no one right  answer as people come to this part of the industry from many directions.  Speaking for myself, I never set out to be a voice actor in fact I didn’t know there was such a thing.  I have always seen myself as more of an entertainer as that is how I started out.  Stand-up comedy, films (actor), television…and some plays in college, however it seems this was the path the “business” chose for me.  Back then, there were just a handful of actors that specialized in voice work but now there VO schools and many, many, talented voice over artists and actors.  I am really not familiar with any schools but know of a couple of actors who have classes they conduct on a select basis.  


As to being shy, not a problem…believe it or not I am very shy too, Johnny Carson was extremely shy and the list of entertainers is long… but in the end we are all actors and he just needs to learn to be out front so he can get behind that mic. He will need to be able to audition and perform.  I will be honest I am not familiar with the schools that lean towards voice acting I would think not many.  But getting into the theater department doing plays living in new characters would be great for his growth.  As with most everything he will need to work at it but if he loves it, as my friend Peter Cullen says:  “If you love what you do it isn’t work.” 


My recommendations…read a  lot. Then read out loud.  On line he should take a look at Steve Blum’s webpage and voiceover workshops…he could do this and get some great insites.  Steve is brilliant and in addition to his many, many characters (he was, “Starscream” in Transformers Prime) he is at the top when it comes to instructors.  I wish your son luck and appreciate your fatherly support for your young actor!!! 


Good luck Joel!



Fan: Amber

Question: Yo Frank!! SO SO happy you answered my question. You need to come to Wales sometime it is wonderful. Such a lovely place especially North Wales where Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is. (I can pronounce that ! Took me 2 weeks !) Another thing I’d love to ask you about is UK. I know you came over to Liverpool for Comic con last year but have you ever been to any other places? London’s a particular favourite of mine. -amber️


From Frank: Amber, oh my…that appears to be the saying and you got it!  Congrats! Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch…now that is just crazy, but wonderful at the same time.  My friend just rolls it off her tongue like Shakespeare, oh my indeed!  


As to my traveling, I am afraid I haven’t journeyed to far from home.  My trip to Liverpool was the first time over the pond and farthest trips have been to Hawaii and Canada.  Hope to see London one day… and as you know we have been invited to Scotland in October 2021 if protocols allow.  So I will get back one of these days Amber. 


Fan: Levente


Dear Mr. Welker,


I am Levente Roznár, a Hungarian journalist and I am making a Hungarian YouTube infographic video series on the history of voice acting itself. I would mainly include the history of Hungarian voice acting and dubbing, but I would like to include at some point a comparison with the voice acting industry in the U.S.. The first name that came to my mind was yours, as I have been a great admirer of your long-span career and I have admit that I may be the greatest fan of Scooby-Doo, if not in the world, then at least in Hungary. It would be an honor for me, if you could take time to have a 15-minute-long video chat with me, and answer some questions about what it was like to be an American voice actor in the 1970s, 80s and then today, about your career and how you find the right voice to a character. Thank you for reading my letter, I am looking forward your answer. Yours sincerely, Levente Roznár


Administrator Note

Dear Mr. Roznar,

Thank you for you interest in Frank.  This is just a Q&A page and all requests for interviews, appearances and the like can be submitted to his agent.  Currently they are in the process of a move, but more information will be posted here soon.  Please check back and again thank you!

From Frank


Always nice to hear from  people and places a bit more distant from the USA and thank you for supporting Scooby Doo!  You know we have been doing the show for over 50 years and I am only 55…you do the math (wink).  


I can tell you the main difference in doing voices in the 70’s and 80’s vs now is of course technology.  We were doing flat animation in the “old days” and now with CGI and newer processes I feel it requires more subtley.  For example, in Transformers G1 in the 80’s vs Transformers Prime 2010 in the early versions it was a lot of action in a flat world so we were very high energy.  In Prime and in the features my character “Megatron” really did transform not only was he drawn differently, but I changed the voice at Hasbro’s request to fit the new look and technology and with Michael Bay in a couple of the features.  I must say I really enjoyed “Transformers Prime>”  With the new look and voice and CGI I could bring it way down and they could draw very full featured looks and reactions which required far less volume and more nuance.  I really enjoyed the cast, writers, director and crew.  


Best wishes to my friends in Hungary!




Fan: Joseph

Question: Hi frank I’m Joey I love all the voices you do. I aspire to be a voice artist mostly because I was always impressed with your range. I’m from pa originally from Staten Island ny. I heard your the voice of Scooby again in the monlove stage show and it’s coming to American music theatre here in Lancaster pa where I live. If it’s not postponed i’m Really looking forward to that. My mom and dad think my voices that I do to practice say i’m Really good at doing it. I hope to maybe work with you someday. I was part of voicestarz a long time ago an online class run by Tara strong and you were on it too. It was so cool. Alright I’ll write back again soon. Take care. Stay safe. Your #1fan, Joey

From Frank: 


Hi Joey! 

Thank you I appreciate the compliment.  I will say the more range you have the more opportunities you have to play lots of fun parts.  I remember days when I played a kid and his dog in the morning, a young father and horse in the afternoon and topping it off with a nice senior “old” timer and his cat!!!!  Now that is a fun days work.  I would encourage you to read as many different plays as you can with lots of fun and different characters and give them all voices…it’s fun and great exercise.  


Tara Strong is a young lady I cannot say enough about but let me list  just a few.  Her talent is enormous, her passion for her fans cannot be measured and her joy for life and commitment to causes shames me and renders me feckless.  Yes, I adore her and her professionalism would lead me to believe she must be a fabulous teacher…I am mystified how she would even find the time.  Very glad you got to participate and have that experience with a very highly rated voice over personality.  


You stay safe too Joey…all the best,




Fan: Gianluca

Question: Hello Frank,

My friend Amber has told me that you might know a bit about Airplanes and that you have a pilot's license, I want to ask if that is true and if so what is your favourite type of Aircraft and why? My favourite is the ever so famous Supersonic Concorde.

Kind regards, Gianluca


From Frank: 

Hey Gianluca…


That Amber, she is quite amazing, yes I do indeed have a pilot’s license and I fly a B36TC Bonanza.  It is a single engine and turbocharged so I can climb into the flight levels 11K to 24K but rarely go much over the mid-levels.  I trained in Cessna’s 152, 172, 180 and got my Instrument rating in a Piper Archer which I just sold a couple of years ago.  I mention the IFR rating because pilots like to brag and that would be a little milestone so had to throw it out there.  I really don’t know too much about commercial craft but I totally agree with you the Concorde was a beauty.  I do like some of the old warbirds but again not really an authority but sure do like the P51 Mustang and Spitfire as well. 


Thank you Gianluca…


Stay safe and well,